Our general pest control service can be performed as a preventative measure and to address many existing pest issues. We offer a variety of service frequency plans depending on your specific needs.

Indoors, we employ residual products along the interior of the home, tracing baseboards and treating under appliances, behind furniture, beneath sinks, and similar areas. This service extends to every room in your house including the garage.

For the exterior service of a home, we utilize a combination of residual insecticides and apply them 10 feet out and 3 to 5 feet up from the base of the foundation (avoiding glass windows).

During your initial service and once a year we apply residual insecticide dust to both the attic (when applicable) and weep holes.

Service inside an average-sized detached storage shed included!

Removal of webs and exterior wasp nests included!

Specialty pests such as but not limited to German roaches, bed bugs, flying insects, rodents, and termites require special product application techniques not included in a general service.

General Pest Service